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2022 -

The project is an international cooperation between three partners: Öntözé Kft. and BCD (Building Construction Design) Kft. from Hungary and Owners Partners S.L. from Spain. The goal is to create a technological solution for the design and evaluation of an existing evaporative roof cooling system for industrial buildings: WaterFilm Technology® developed by Öntözé These buildings regularly suffer from overheating due to internal and solar heat loads. This patented system has enormous potential to reduce the energy need and environmental impact of these buildings, while itself using very little water compared to competing systems. The project aims to enable it to achieve its potential. The biggest obstacle it still faces is that there is no established calculation method for its energy usage and impact reduction with which to convince decision makers in advance. We intend to solve this with the development and demonstration of a sensor assisted design and evaluation system. The system has two main parts. The first is a modular monitoring system measuring the heatflow through a roof, the thermal comfort under the roof and the operation of the cooling system itself. The second is an online data gathering, visualization and analytics system. The project will develop these components, test and validate them in a real word scenario on a small industrial building with a test installation of the cooling system. With the completion of the project we will have a ready-made solution to perform multiple tasks: to continue to study test installations to develop better mathematical models of its operations, to monitor existing installations and validate their performance more precisely than it is possible by just comparing energy bill reductions, and to install monitoring systems in new installations and embed them into their control system to further increase their effectiveness.

BCD is tasked with developing the online data gathering, visualization and evaluation system.

The project is founded under the EU-funded project entitled “METAclustering for cross-sectoral and cross-border innovation ecosystem BUILDING for the European Construction, Additive Manufacturing and Nature-Based Solutions industrial sectors’ SMEs -METABUILDING”, or Metabuilding in short

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 873964.

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