References / Historical apartment building in Esztergom: building eneryg concept

Projekt információk

Év: 2017

Cím: Esztergom, Kossuth Lajos utca 38/B

Megbízó: Esztergom Város Önkormányzata

Épülettípus: lakóépület

Megbízas: épületfizikai / épületenergetikai számítások , szakértés / szakvélemény

The subject of the comission was a proteted, ex-military building in Esztergom that is currently used as an aparmtnet building. The protected nature of the building did not allow for an intensive external insulation (due to the need to recreat the plaster architecture) withut unreasonable expenses for the client, thereforewe investigated several alternative solutions. We used dynamic building energy simulations to compare the individual scenarios, in terms of both heating energy need and summer overheating / thermal comfort. At the end the use of external-and-internal thermal insulation plasters came out as the most favourable when comparing price to performance. The suggested structural buildups and details were investigated and optimized for any interstitial condensation or surface growth via hygrothermal and thermal bridge simulations.

Dynamic building energy simulation - monthly heat balance

Internal-and-external thermal insulating plaster - hygrothermal simulation to check any intersitial condensation