References / Budapest Örökimádás church - structural degisn of stained glass windows

Project information

Year: 2017

Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 77

Client: Katolikus egyház

Building type: sacral building

Comission: Planing of building constructions

The comission was the structural concept and the preparation of the detailed working drawings for the neogothic Örökimádás church's stained glass windows that were destroyed in the war. We had to give structural answers to the thermal- solar- and mechanical protection requirements of the new stained glass panels, as well as the structural weakness of the existing ceramic structure of the dindow reveals', their uncertain dimensions and the general difficulty of the construction on site. The proposed solution was a specially designed prtoective insulating glass unit with a modular ventilated stainless steel lattice structure that can easuly be built from small indiviudal setion on site.

Ceramic window reveal profile, original iron tie rods and the new stainless steel lattice

The protective glazing and the spacer elements

The internal stained glass window panel

The window under construction